Ex-NFL lineman Vince Manuwai dead at 38

Another NFL player has died far too young.

On Sunday, while moving into a new apartment in Honolulu, former Jaguars lineman Vince Manuwai suddenly collapsed and passed away.

He was only 38. According to reports, foul play is not suspected.

Powerful Man

Manuwai was not a man that made headlines, but he was considered a very steady player throughout his career.

While in college, Manuwai had a 35-game run at the end of this collegiate career where he did not give up a sack.

After his collegiate career at Hawaii, Manuwai was picked by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the third round of the 2003 NFL draft.

He would go on to play eight seasons with the team before playing his last game in the NFL.

While he did join the Falcons in 2012, he never made it back to the field.

Even though he was not as well-known as some of today’s premier linemen, he was known throughout the NFL as one of the strongest men in the league.

Manawai could reportedly bench 500 pounds.

After hearing of his death, the Jaguars released a statement to fans and the family.

In part, the Jaguars stated, “Throughout his career, he was a key part of our offensive line, and the way he went about doing his job was a great example for his teammates and others.”

Too Early

Over the last decade, there has been a rash of NFL players dying far too young.

At times, it has been a lifestyle, suicide, and in this case, what would be considered to be natural causes.

What is alarming is the suicide rate and “natural causes” seem to be far higher than the national average.

The condition many of these players are found to have is CTE.

Sadly, the condition can only be detected after death, when doctors look at the brain during autopsy.

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Manawai is survived by his six children.

Rest in peace Vince… you left us far too young.

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