Vile anti-cop rapper makes run for Democratic leadership in Brooklyn

One would think that Democrats have learned a hard lesson with regard to their hatred of America’s police officers and their years-long attempt to “defund” departments across the country, which ultimately hurt the party in a big way.

Apparently, in New York City, Democrats still hate cops, as a disturbing, anti-cop rapper who just filed for candidacy to become a Democratic Party district leader in Brooklyn, the New York Post reports. 

Noah Weston, who goes by Soul Khan as his rap name, spews such vitriolic anti-cop messages in his music and personal life that it would make even the most progressive, anti-police House Democrat blush.

The Post noted that Weston is “running on the ‘For the People’ slate with congressional candidate Brittany Ramos De Barros and Assemblyman Mathylde Frontus in southern Brooklyn.”

Disgusting rhetoric

Weston is no fan of law enforcement, and he certainly makes no attempt to hide that fact.

“It is genuinely more productive to wipe your ass with money than spend it on cops,” Weston recently wrote.

He added: “You can’t tell me a single good thing cops have done that can’t be done by someone or something that isn’t a cop.”

“F–k these f–king pigs till the day their misbegotten lives end. Abolish these egrish sacks of s–t,” Weston wrote in the comments of a video that showed police kneeling on a man by the subway.

Most recently, Weston accused NYPD officers of setting up the NYC subway shooting situation last week involving a Black suspect called Frank James. Weston accused police of using the incident for nefarious future purposes.

“The cops helped the shooter escape, didn’t have working radios, and didn’t prevent this but will use it as a pretext to hurt and kill people,” Weston wrote.

Even Dems disagree

New York City Democrats had better pull together and oust this radical, cop-hating maniac before he drags the party down further. Assemblyman Peter Abbate Jr., a Democrat who represents parts of southern Brooklyn, has already started.

“He’s not fit to be an elected party official using language like that. More than 99 percent of police officers are trying to help our community,” Abbate Jr. said.

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