Report: Former Vikings owner kills wife, turns gun on himself

By the look of it, Irwin Jacobs was upbeat and happy. But looks can be deceiving.

Police have identified two bodies that were found inside Jacobs’ $22 million mansion as the former part owner of the Minnesota Vikings and his wife of almost six decades, Alexandra Jacobs.

Tragic Deaths

Friends of the millionaire were stunned when police arrived at Jacobs’ mansion to find the couple dead.

While Irwin Jacobs’ wife was beginning to show signs of dementia, friends stated that in recent conversations, he had been very upbeat.

It was reportedly Jacobs’ son who revealed what happened to neighbors.

He said that the millionaire shot and killed his wife, then turned the gun on himself in a murder-suicide.

Friends believe Jacobs was motivated by how he felt he would struggle without his wife, who was reportedly the love of his life.

The Jacobs Legacy

While the deaths of the Jacobs were tragic, the couple will leave an honorable legacy behind for their children.

Irwin Jacobs made his money as a liquidator of failing businesses. He would buy them up, then break them up to sell for profit.

Jacobs was so successful at this, his friends in the industry started to call him “Irv the Liquidator.”

With his fortune quickly amassing, Jacobs invested in the Minnesota Vikings in the 1980s for a minority ownership.

In 1991, he sold off his stake in the team.

The mansion in which Jacobs lived was envisioned by the millionaire as the last home he would ever live in, but that changed after his wife got sick.

Jacobs put the home on the market for a short time, saying it would be too much of a burden for his wife if he were to die.

Eventually, Jacobs took the home off the market, perhaps making a decision that he himself did not even know he made at the time.

Irwin and Alexandra Jacobs are survived by their five children.

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