Viewership for Biden address down considerably compared to Trump’s first congressional speech

President Joe Biden’s recent speech to a joint session of Congress saw a significant dip in viewership compared to his predecessor.

Former President Donald Trump attracted 48 million viewers during his first congressional address, while Biden managed only a paltry 11 million viewers, according to initial estimates cited by Breitbart.

A staggering decline

Those figures were subsequently adjusted upward, but still represented just a fraction of the number who tuned in for Trump’s address. The massive drop is apparent proof that millions of Americans are simply not interested in what the president has to say.

In fact, the lowest viewership Trump ever received during his term in the White House was last year, when his speech was seen by 37 million people — or more than triple Biden’s total.

Biden spent his roughly hour-long address advocating for two massive spending bills. First, he made the case for a $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan, then he laid out his proposal for a $1.8 trillion American Families Plan.

Of course, he shied away from an in-depth discussion of the nation’s fiscal situation or how he plans to pay for $4 trillion in new federal spending.

Among the major items included in his plans are universal preschool and tuition-free community college. Both ventures would prove incredibly expensive, leading critics to question whether they would be worth the price.

“The real-life effects”

Many Americans expected him to push a big-spending, big-government agenda, which might explain why so many opted against tuning in to hear his speech.

Making matters worse, it seems clear that his calls for unity during the presidential campaign have failed to materialize as part of his administration.

In response to the speech, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) asserted: “The real-life effects of President Biden’s false advertising campaign have come — pain and uncertainty at home, and dwindling leverage and virtue-signaling abroad.”

Just months into his term, it appears much of the country is discovering the truth about Biden’s agenda. Not only has he fallen short on fulfilling his campaign promises, but he has also contributed to a border crisis he seems unwilling to properly address.

While the mainstream media is committed to portraying his administration in a positive light, the American people are increasingly seeing through the facade. If the ratings for his recent speech are any indication, voters might check out of politics completely until next year’s midterm election rolls around.

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