Reporter's videos, tweets reveal surge of Chinese migrants illegally entering U.S., being released by Border Patrol

March 22, 2023
Ben Marquis

Despite ludicrous claims to the contrary from the White House, it is indisputable that the U.S. southern border is not secure under President Joe Biden's policies of lax enforcement of border security and immigration laws.

Now, in addition to the record-level illicit cross-border entry of migrants from Mexico and Central America, there also appears to be a concerning surge of Chinese nationals being spotted by reporters and apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol, the Western Journal reported.

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins has recently been issuing reports from the Rio Grande Valley sector of the southern border in Texas and has shared multiple videos on social media of newly arrived migrants from China -- some of whom appear to have been released into the nation's interior by Border Patrol agents.

Chinese migrants spotted, captured

On Sunday, Jenkins posted a video of five Chinese migrants walking along a dirt road near the border in Texas and wrote, "NEW: Chinese nationals are illegally crossing the border in unprecedented numbers in the RGV sector -- up 920% comp to last year -- and a cash cow for the cartels bc they pay $30k+ to be smuggled across. Here is a group of 5 we encountered yesterday."

One day later, the Fox News reporter posted another video of five Chinese migrants being apprehended by Border Patrol agents, and tweeted, "NEW: FOX News cameras were rolling as more Chinese nationals illegally cross into the RGV sector this morning … this group of 5 would not say how much they paid to smugglers. The RGV sector seeing a more than 900% increase in Chinese nationals since last year …"

Released with a slip of paper

The most damning video, though, was posted on Tuesday, and showed Chinese migrants being unloaded off a bus and released from Border Patrol custody to that of a non-governmental organization with nothing more than a Notice to Appear in court at a later date.

Jenkins said, "BREAKING: FOX News captures exclusive video of Chinese nationals being released publicly to an NGO in Brownsville, TX. CBP sources say they are being released w NTAs (notices to appear) because there are so many crossing and no more space to house them."

Prior to all of that, on Saturday, in order to give an idea of how big the growing issue had become, Jenkins had retweeted a post from RGV Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez which stated: "NEW: 90 additional Chinese national apprehensions on Thursday. Marking the most encountered since 2010 in a single day. This brings the FYTD total to 1,667."

What are they doing here?

To be sure, many of these Chinese nationals who are illegally entering the U.S. may well be peaceful and otherwise law-abiding people who are simply fleeing communism in China and are in search of prosperity here in America -- but some may also be here for nefarious purposes, as Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) pointed out in a retweet of Jenkin's video of the migrants being released from Border Patrol custody.

Vance tweeted, "Biden is releasing illegal aliens from China with little more than a piece of paper promising they'll eventually appear in court. Will they spy on Americans? Collect intelligence on our military installations? Our own government apparently doesn't care to find out."

Given that China is clearly America's chief rival, as well as the fact that Chinese-U.S. relations are low while tensions run high, those questions posed by Vance, among others, seem incredibly pertinent and should be a top priority for the Biden administration to swiftly address.

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