Video appears to show protesters assaulting, robbing woman in San Francisco

It has become an increasingly common, if horrible, occurrence for supporters of President Donald Trump to be the targets of harassment and even assault by angry mobs of left-leaning protesters — and what appears to be the latest attack was just caught on camera.

According to Breitbart, video taken amid protests in San Francisco shows a woman who was wearing a shirt emblazoned with a historic Betsy Ross-style American flag and a picture of first President George Washington being physically assaulted, harangued, and robbed as she traversed through a crowd of demonstrators.

“Harassed, assaulted, and robbed”

The woman who, in the words of Breitbart, was “harassed, assaulted, and robbed” was carrying a couple of bags on her arm and what appeared to be a rolled-up American flag as she silently walked through the protesting crowd with a raised fist.

It didn’t take long for one protester to take notice, blaring a siren in her face while another ran up behind the woman and attempted unsuccessfully to steal an item she held clutched to her chest.

The demonstrator returned seconds later and, this time, was successful in snatching the item away from her, only to drop it and run off.

But when the woman tried to retrieve the stolen property off the ground, it was again wrestled away from her in a physical tussle, as Breitbart reported. The woman was followed closely as she tried to leave the scene.

Take a look:

“God bless you”

The same user who posted the video of the attack on Twitter caught the woman being harassed again later — albeit, this time, it was after she had found the safety of police officers who helped keep the violent protesters at bay.

In a second video, as the woman was berated and accused repeatedly of being a “fascist,” her only reply was to repeatedly proclaim “God bless you” to those displaying their unmitigated anger and hatred toward her. Watch below.

To be sure, without knowing exactly what happened before, in between, and after those two clips of the apparently patriotic woman, we can’t know for sure the full context of what happened in California that day. But one thing is clear: showing outward love for your country just isn’t as widely accepted as it used to be. It’s truly a shame.

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