Video tape exonerates Dr. Phil over alleged crash

Dr. Phil found himself in some legal trouble back in October, but video gave him the out he needed.

While the skateboarder claimed several injuries and missing work, the video showed a man that did nothing more than put his hand down on the hood of Dr. Phil’s car…

The Big Hustle

Dr. Phil is not without fault here.

However, he surely does not deserve to be sued for injuries that obviously never happened.

In the video, Dr. Phil is coming out of a parking lot when there is a van at the stop point.

Dr. Phil wrongly passes the van in an effort to pull out into the street.

As he pulled out, a man on a skateboard left the sidewalk and hit Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil immediately slammed on the breaks and video clearly shows the man put his hand down on the hood of the car.

It also shows the man come around, without visible injury, and shake Dr. Phil’s hand.

He then walks away without limping or any signs of trauma.

Should Dr. Phil have passed the van? No, but that is where his fault ends.

More than likely, this guy realized who the driver was after the fact and figured he would tap into a big payday.

Truth Emerges

Now, months after the “accident” occurred, the video footage has been revealed.

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Almost immediately after the video was aired, the so-called victim’s attorney withdrew from the case.

So much for that big payday!

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