Video shows violent clashes in DC between Trump supporters, leftist protesters

Supporters of President Donald Trump ended up brawling with counter protesters in the streets of the nation’s capital over the weekend, NBC Washington reported, in a number of instances that were caught on camera.

In all, four people were stabbed on Saturday and more than 30 were arrested in connection to the violence. The clashes came in the wake of a Million MAGA March — the second in two months — that saw thousands of Trump supporters gather in Washington, D.C.

They were met with opposition from leftist counter protesters, at least some of whom Breitbart said were aligned with Antifa.

The outlet shared videos of the violence in D.C. in a Saturday report.

Violence caught on tape

In one clip, demonstrators can be seen brawling on a sidewalk while a man calls out for a medic after an apparent stabbing. (Editor’s note: Both of the videos shown below contain graphic images of violence and explicit language.)

Another clip shared by Breitbart showed police surrounding an apparent stabbing victim. Take a look:

A night of unrest

According to NBC Washington, a total of four stabbing “victims were all transported with critical injuries but are expected to survive.” A single suspect has been arrested and charged in the incidents: 29-year-old Phillip Johnson.

Johnson is said to be facing charges of “assault with a dangerous weapon.” According to NBC Washington, he was “transported from the area of the stabbings with non life-threatening injuries.”

At least 32 others were also arrested in the wake of the unrest. Among them, according to NBC Washington, were 39-year-old Corey Nielsen, who is facing a simple assault charge.

Others faced charges including assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct, crossing a police line, and rioting, the local NBC affiliate reported.

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