Newly released video shows shootout between Pennsylvania police and suspect

A chilling video was released this week showing just how dangerous police officers’ jobs really are.

What appeared to be a normal DUI traffic stop suddenly turned into a horrific shootout, with dozens of shots fired and one officer nearly losing his life.

And it was all caught on tape.

How Quickly Things Can Turn

The suspect in the video, Daniel Clary, is obviously intoxicated.

After taking some of the sobriety tests, the two officers, Seth Kelly and Ryan Seiple, made the move to take Clary into custody.

At that moment, everything went south very quickly.

The suspect resisted, and while both officers struggled to keep him under control and even used tasers on him, it was not enough.

The man escaped their hold and got back into his car, only to draw a weapon and begin firing at the officers.

Narrow Escape

As soon as the man opened fire, it is clear he was able to hit one of the officers.

The second officer also appeared to take a shot in the leg in the video, which is far too graphic to publish.

Both officers, however, were able to return fire, and the second officer jumped over the guardrail to safety.

When the man got back into his car, one of the officers continued to fire into the back window of the vehicle in an effort to shoot the suspect.

After dozens of bullets were fired — and the suspect was struck in the head — the suspect was somehow able to drive away.

The suspect was eventually captured by police and charged with attempted murder of two law enforcement officers.

At trial, his attorney tried to say he was only acting in self-defense, firing on the officers because he feared for his life.

Thankfully, Clary’s defense was unsuccessful.

Cases such as this show how important it is for officers to have body cams and dash cams rolling at all times.

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Without video proof, this suspect may have been able to get away with being the clear aggressor.

But had he just following the officers’ orders when they started to take him into custody, this entire incident could have been avoided.

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