Video shows New York Democrat using profanity in heated exchange with constituent

You don’t have to be a highly-paid political consultant to know that it is almost never a good idea for a politician to use profanity in a talk with a constituent, especially in the final days before a crucial election. But that appears to be exactly what Democrat Rep. Max Rose (NY) did in a recent exchange at a New York grocery store — and it was all caught on tape.

According to Breitbart, the Democrat congressman exploded at a constituent while out campaigning for re-election in New York’s 11th District, even dropping the F-bomb when the voter indicated that he disagreed with the representative politically.

Rose’s “strange campaign strategy”

In a video first shared by a local NBC News affiliate, Rose can be seen greeting voters outside of a store in his district, which covers New York City’s Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn.

While there, the congressman took a lot of flak from voters, who weren’t afraid to make their disapproval of their elected representative known right to his face.

One shopper, in fact, told Rose that he hoped the Democrat’s political career would soon end. To that, the congressman replied: “Sir, I thought you were out of your f*****g mind, by the way, so don’t worry.”

According to Breitbart, the video clip of the exchange was later shared in a tweet by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who wryly noted that Rose was employing a “strange campaign strategy.”

Take a look:

“We need her to defeat Max Rose”

That “strange campaign strategy” was also observed by local media outlet Shorefront News, which suggested that Rose had “snapped under pressure” as his campaign for re-election increasingly appears to be a longshot.

The Democrat congressman, first elected in the heavily Republican district in 2018, has repeatedly attempted to portray himself as a “moderate” in the increasingly left-lurching Democratic Party, and has worked to distance himself from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Still, he voted in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment late last year — which is perhaps why the president is stumping so hard for Rose’s Republican challenger, Nicole Malliotakis.

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