Video shows Hunter Biden smoking crack during detox paid by Dad

The laptop of Hunter Biden continues to provide troubling insights into his life.

One of the latest finds, according to the Daily Mail, is a video that shows Biden smoking crack and drinking during a detox program paid for by his father, President Joe Biden.  

Two things, of course, that you probably shouldn’t be doing if you are sincere about trying to sober up are drinking alcohol and smoking crack.

The video

According to the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden, himself, filmed this video. Again, it is another one of these home videos found on Biden’s infamous laptop – the one that he apparently abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

In this particular video, Biden is inside a sensory deprivation tank.

Biden, in the video, can be seen sitting there naked. He then can be seen taking a drink of some White Claw hard seltzer and smoking what appears to be a crack pipe. After taking a few hits, a shaky Biden steers into the camera.

Biden, in the video, can also be seen fondling himself. As this is all happening, ambient music can be heard playing softly in the background.

The video goes on for about seven minutes.


The Daily Mail has confirmed that this video was recorded during a therapy session on January 30, 2019, at Blue Water Wellness in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Biden had booked a visit there after a recommendation from a therapist friend of his. Biden, at the time, was trying to battle his drug addiction.

The Daily Mail also uncovered text messages that show Hunter Biden, prior to this trip to Blue Water, asking his father to help pay for a treatment program because he didn’t have the money to do so.

In one particular exchange, Hunter Biden convinces his father to lend him $20,000 for a three-month program at a facility in New York City. The elder Biden agreed, writing, “Just called Mel he will get 20 to your account this afternoon tomorrow morning at latest. He will contact me when transfer goes through.”

Hunter Biden ended up, however, going to the Massachusetts facility instead. Either way, from the video, it doesn’t appear that the elder Biden’s funds were well spent.

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