Video: Sarah Sanders’ best moments as press secretary revealed

While we see her on almost a daily basis, it is truly hard to appreciate the nonsense Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had to deal with during her time as President Donald Trump’s press secretary.

A new video compiled by IJR is blowing up on social media, highlighting some of Sanders’ best moments defending the president and standing up to the media.

Watch below:

The Liberal Media

It is tough to remember there ever being a more difficult time for someone to be a press secretary for a sitting president.

From Trump’s very first day in office, his administration has been under attack.

Typically, a new president will get a bit of a grace period to allow the administration to take hold, but that never happened here.

It did not take long for Sanders’ predecessor, Sean Spicer, to give in.

Suddenly, Sanders was thrust into the role, enduring attack after attack by a media establishment that is obviously only interested in undermining the President.

Through it all, she has stood her ground and relentlessly countered the attacks.

Bogus Narrative

One of the more amusing moments highlighted in the video is when Sanders called out the media for being fake news.

There was a time when at least one quotable source was required for a story to be reported.

When there was not someone willing to go on the record, the editors had to be able to verify the story from at least two sources.

Today, media outlets like CNN need only hear a couple of people talking around a water cooler to declare them credible as an unnamed source.

How many times have we seen a story blow up on the internet only to have it debunked a few days later?

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It takes a very strong person to stand up to such scrutiny and such an endless stream of attacks, yet Sarah Sanders has done exactly that.

One thing is for sure… if she ever decides to step down — and nobody could blame her for doing that at this point — the person that replaces here will have VERY big shoes to fill.

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