Video allegedly reveals Hunter Biden’s concern that Russians possess incriminating info

Yet another potentially damning video has reportedly been discovered on a laptop abandoned by President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

The recently released clip was first published by the Daily Mail, which claimed the video, apparently recorded in 2019, shows the younger Biden engaged in a conversation with a woman with whom he shares his belief that a Russian drug dealer had stolen a different laptop from him the previous year.

“They have videos”

According to Breitbart, Hunter Biden claimed in the video that he nearly died from an overdose and later awoke to find his computer missing. He reportedly lamented the fact that the laptop was full of incriminating information, including sexually explicit videos, and acknowledged his concern that the content could be used to blackmail him or his father, who was running for president at the time.

The Daily Mail explained in its initial report that the footage was obtained from a copy of the hard drive from a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. In the video, which appeared to have been recorded after a sexual encounter, Hunter Biden recounted a days-long bender in Las Vegas alongside a trio of men who supplied him with drugs as they visited various hotel suites — all on his dime.

He then recalled passing out in a hot tub only to find out later that his laptop was missing, along with the incriminating information contained therein.

“They have videos of me doing this,” he said, according to reports. “They have videos of me doing crazy f*****g sex.”

“I make like a gazillion dollars”

The woman with him in the video asked why the information had not been released and whether he was worried that it could be used against him.

“No, no, no, because my dad [inaudible] running for president,” Hunter Biden reportedly replied. “He is, he is, he is. I talk about it all the time. If they do, he also knows I make like a gazillion dollars.”

He went on to confirm that he was concerned the videos could be used as blackmail, adding: “Yeah, in some way, yeah.”

“Imagine if…”

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley was quick to weigh in on the “major news,” noting that it is too early to tell whether the video is legitimate.

“Either the President’s son admitted that Russians have blackmail material on him or the media (or others) have created a fake videotape and falsely framed Biden,” he wrote.

In any case, Turley pointed out that many in the mainstream media had ignored the development in much the same way they looked the other way in response to earlier revelations about Hunter Biden, adding: “Imagine if a laptop contained videos of Donald Trump Jr. having sex with an alleged prostitute while talking about how Russians likely have blackmail material on him. The media would reach critical mass with wall-to-wall coverage. Yet, most major media outfits continue to minimize or ignore such stories.”

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