Video reminds voters how Biden 'sniffs children, and their mom's hair, too'

 May 16, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

As Joe Biden's quest to be re-elected to the White House in November is moving into startling territory – he's just agreed to debates with President Donald Trump – a comedian's video is reminding the public of some of the less attractive features of his presidency.

And it has plenty of material without addressing his border crisis where he's allowed millions of illegal aliens into the U.S., his advocacy for abortion and transgenderism, and his administration's multiple attacks on people of faith, such as describing Catholics as domestic terrorists.

It is Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit who has loaded the video onto Rumble:

The lyrics:

He’s an old guy,

has dementia,

can’t lead us.

And the country is screwed.

Tells some big lies,

barely speaks English,

sniffs children,

and their mom’s hair, too,

goes the wrong way.

When he leaves his speeches,

gets lost each day.

In the White House yard,

all the Dems say

that we should reelect him.

How can he win?

When walking is hard?

And Joe Keeps, (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)0

Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

And Joe keeps (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

Some other negatives about his presidency: Americans have been blasted with inflation of more than 19% since he took office, the federal government has been weaponized against conservatives and Republicans, to the point he's ordered federal agencies to help leftists recruit voters, and more. Actually, he's trailing Trump in most of the recent polls, including those of critical swing states.

On a personal level, it was just revealed in recent days, by Ashley Biden herself, that her stolen diary in which she notes that the showers she shared with her father when she was young probably were "inappropriate," is real.

The Gateway Pundit credited X News radio host and comedian Jimmy Faila with the "must-see" video.

"The video is credited to 'Joe Biden and the Alzheimers' band and produced by 'C’Mon Man Records' exposes the Socialist-Democrats attempting to push this failed candidate who can’t find his way off a stage and can’t finish a sentence for U.S. president," the report said.

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