Video shows parents chase, beat naked man in department store who was allegedly grabbing children

October 11, 2023
Ben Marquis

An element of the progressive left has attempted to force American society to quietly accept flagrant acts of sexual perversion involving children that are often perpetrated by adult individuals with seemingly obvious mental health issues.

Yet, many Americans, especially those who are parents of young children, have increasingly refused to tolerate such things, as evidenced by a recent video that purports to show a group of concerned fathers chasing and then beating a naked man in a department store who was allegedly touching children inappropriately, according to Breitbart.

The caught-on-camera incident, which recently went viral on social media, was confirmed by a local journalist to have occurred earlier this month at a JCPenney store in a mall in the Seattle area of Washington state.

Naked man chased and beaten

The New York Post reported on the viral video that appears to have been filmed via cellphone by a woman who was also calling the police to inform them about the "fully naked" man who was allegedly "holding the kid. He has two kids with him."

The video followed along as the naked man, who was initially being followed by two other men, retreated backward through the store, only to then turn and run as his pursuers drew closer to him.

After the woman ran around a central set of escalators in the store, the camera caught the naked man again in another area of the men's clothing section, where it appeared that he had grabbed some pants and began to head toward the dressing rooms, only to then be cut off and surrounded by three men who began to scuffle with him.

Punches were thrown, walls were slammed, and folded clothing went flying as displays were disrupted and kids could be heard screaming in the background amid the ongoing fight.

Eventually, the two initial pursuers gained hold of the naked man while a third man began to pound away with his fists, including using a sort of double-fisted, over-the-head "Hulk-smash" hit on the naked man until an off-camera observer began to shout "Enough" and the video ended.

Incident confirmed by local police, blamed on a "mental crisis"

The viral video was first shared over the weekend by an X account that shares news from the Seattle area, and was captioned, "Parents Attack Naked Man in South Center Mall's JCPenney Store After he Allegedly Attempted to Inappropriately Touch their Children."

That claim was subsequently confirmed by local journalist Jonathan Choe by way of the local police in Tukwila, a relatively small city located due south of Seattle in Washington state's King County, as having occurred on the previous weekend at the JCPenney store in the Southcenter mall.

In reposting the video, Choe wrote, "VIGILANTE JUSTICE: Naked man allegedly tried to touch kids in Southcenter Mall. Bystanders moved in and obliterated him. Tukwila PD confirms incident happened Sunday October 1. Calling it someone in mental crisis. Detained and taken to hospital."

This is not acceptable behavior

To be sure, there are plenty of jokes to be made about the incident that occurred, and the comments section of both posts had ample examples of such humor, some more crass than others.

That said, a potentially mentally ill individual running around naked in a department store while allegedly attempting to inappropriately grab other people's children is a rather serious matter that, for lack of a better term, fully exposes the unacceptable lunacy of the left's demands that society not only allow but embrace and support such disturbing proclivities.

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