Ohio gunman yelled ‘I don’t like white people in my hood,’ police say

The narrative aggressively promoted by the mainstream is that all gun violence is perpetrated by white supremacists, but reality proves otherwise.

The Dayton, Ohio shooter was an avowed leftist. Now in Cincinnati, Ohio, police say they have video evidence showing a gunman shouting anti-white sentiments while on a shooting spree. 

Cincinnati violence

Devonta Allen, 18, of Kennedy Heights, turned himself in for a shooting incident on July 25th. The shootings took place in Cincinnati, Ohio. No one was injured.

Police said the man was shooting at cars and was caught on video yelling, “I don’t like white people in my hood.”

He fired shots while chasing vehicles down a street. The four targets were described as three white males and an African American male.

Anti-white rhetoric exists unchallenged and unhindered. This kind of thought and speech is almost everyday talk in certain places. Unlike racist rhetoric against other groups, it is sometimes encouraged by our culture. As such, these facts point to a much larger issue.

Inconvenient truths

When violence or racism occurs that doesn’t fit the media narrative, it is ignored. If the wrong people are attacked, it isn’t worth talking about.

While all gun violence should be equally scrutinized, the media cherrypicks what they want the public to see.

This story in Cincinnati is one of many examples, and it is similar to the Dayton shooting.

This inconsistency in reporting has not been lost on many; including Hunter Pollack, the brother of one of the Parkland shooting victims.

He has pointed out that Democrats and other talking heads have hyper-focused on the El Paso shooters politics, while simultaneously ignoring the leftist beliefs of the Dayton shooter.

The emergence of this video proves that this crisis of rising violence cannot be reduced to a partisan issue. It’s time for the media to report the facts, instead of using national tragedies to bludgeon the Republican party.

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