Video appears to show migrants crossing border into US without protest from law enforcement

A new video shared by Breitbart purports to show individuals connected to Mexican drug cartels smuggling migrants into America.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the four-minute video, however, is that those individuals appeared to be working with members of American law enforcement.

The crossing

The video, seen here, appears to show a raft carrying migrants being guided across the Rio Grande river by cartel-connected human traffickers. The incident reportedly took place in Roma, Texas, on Friday evening.

Once the raft makes it across the river, the migrants can be seen being handed off by the traffickers to Texas National Guard troops, who were patrolling the riverbank. This was repeated numerous times throughout the night.

All-in-all, Breitbart reports that about 400 illegal immigrants were smuggled into Roma at this location on Friday. The outlet says that the migrants that it interviewed were mostly from Central America, and were mostly family units, but there were also some unaccompanied children.

After the migrants were handed off to the National Guard, the troops led them, in groups of about 50, to Roma’s town square. At this point, U.S. Border Patrol takes control of the migrants and records their biographical information.

After that, the migrants sit and wait to be transported to a processing center. An insider told Breitbart that most of these migrants will be released to the Catholic Charities Respite Center in McAllen, Texas, where they will wait to be transported to other American cities.


You would expect such a smuggling operation to take place secretly behind the backs of law enforcement. But by the looks of the video, there was nothing really clandestine about the operation.

First off, the smugglers were not confronted on the Mexican side of the river. One insider was said to have told Breitbart that this is because Mexican law enforcement works for the cartel.

Then, the smugglers were not confronted by U.S. authorities on the U.S. side of the river. In fact, U.S. law enforcement actually helped the operation to go smoothly, and the smugglers even signaled to law enforcement when the operation was done for that night.

It all worked like a well-oiled machine.

No wonder America is heading toward 2 million illegal border crossings this year.

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