Video footage appears to show Pelosi's head of security committed perjury during Jan. 6 trial of Oath Keepers members

 January 17, 2024

It has long been suspected that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others within her circle have lied about -- or at least been less than forthcoming and selective with details -- what really happened during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in 2021.

Now recently released surveillance camera footage from that fateful day seems to strongly suggest that the head of Pelosi's security detail, U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus, committed perjury on the stand while testifying against members of the Oath Keepers organization, according to The Western Journal.

The testimony from Lazarus in support of claims against the Oath Keepers members by fellow USCP Officer Harry Dunn was considered critical in helping federal prosecutors obtain convictions of those individuals -- along with lengthy prison sentences -- for their alleged actions during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, including on charges of seditious conspiracy.

Head of Pelosi's security detail appears to have committed perjury about alleged Jan. 6 incident

TheBlaze recently released a video report about Capitol surveillance camera footage it had obtained along with permission to publish it from new House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) that calls into question the sworn testimony of USCP Special Agent Lazarus and Officer Dunn about an alleged encounter with members of the Oath Keepers inside the Capitol building during the Jan. 6 riot.

Dunn initially told FBI investigators, and the footage backs him up, that the Oath Keepers had been friendly and actually formed a protective line between him and other protesters, but the officer later changed his story in a second FBI interview and accused the Oath Keepers of being "antagonistic" and argumentative toward him.

When it came time for trial for the Oath Keepers, and in light of Dunn's conflicting accounts, Lazarus was brought in to corroborate Dunn's second claim and thus testified under oath that he had personally witnessed the Oath Keepers being "very antagonistic" toward Dunn.

Except, as seemingly proven by the now-public video footage, Lazarus appears to have perjured himself on the stand as he was nowhere near the area where the alleged confrontation occurred between the Oath Keepers and Dunn at the time that it supposedly happened.

Surveillance video footage contradicts claims and testimony of Lazarus and Dunn

According to TheBlaze's investigative journalist Steve Baker, Capitol surveillance camera footage shows several Oath Keepers standing near and speaking with Officer Dunn, including forming a protective line in front of him, on the House side of the Capitol building for roughly six minutes, between 2:44 and 2:50 pm, before the men then made their way through the crowded rotunda and exited the building.

At the same time that that incident began, Special Agent Lazarus was actually in an entirely separate Senate building across the street from the Capitol and, while the alleged confrontation occurred, was busy making his way through the underground tunnel system to enter the Senate side of the Capitol building.

In fact, the camera footage shows that Lazarus didn't arrive at the area where Dunn claimed to have been accosted by the Oath Keepers until several minutes after those men had left that area -- yet he testified under oath that he had personally witnessed the confrontation as it occurred.

Exculpatory evidence withheld from defense attorneys

If this report from TheBlaze, and the video footage that supports it, can be verified as true, it directly undermines Special Agent Lazarus' sworn testimony, not to mention that of Officer Dunn, and calls into question the entire prosecution and conviction of the Oath Keepers members.

Indeed, this video footage that has been in the government's possession the entire time, which appears to be exculpatory evidence that bolsters the claims of innocence from the Oath Keepers, was inappropriately withheld from their defense attorneys when by law it was supposed to have been turned over as part of the discovery process.

Furthermore, while that video evidence may help the Oath Keepers reverse their convictions on appeal, it could also serve to help convict Lazarus and Dunn of perjury -- which could result in a fine and up to five years in prison -- as it directly contradicts their claims to FBI investigators and sworn testimony during the trial.

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