Unearthed video shows Dianne Feinstein sounding like Trump on illegal immigration

President Donald Trump has received a substantial amount of opposition from Democrats and the media — essentially one in the same — in regard to his ongoing efforts to crack down on and reduce the flow of illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico.

But it really wasn’t all that long ago that many prominent Democrats were saying the exact same thing that Trump is saying today about the dire need to curtail the number of illegal aliens allowed into the country, and video of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) sounding an awful lot like our current president has recently been unearthed for all to see.

Sage words from 1993

It was just about 26 years ago, on Aug. 17, 1993, that Sen. Feinstein — flanked by then-Attorney General Janet Reno and then-Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) — made a trip down to the San Ysidro port of entry on the border to witness the illegal immigration problem for themselves.

While speaking at a news conference during that visit, Feinstein cited the extraordinary costs to taxpayers — roughly $2 billion per year for California alone at the time — that were being imposed upon state and national social service programs by illegal immigrants residing in the country.

Were Feinstein to make such an accurate and logical argument against illegal immigration these days, she would quite possibly be disowned and excommunicated by her own Democratic Party.

Fascinating foreshadowing

A reporter asked why the problem of illegal immigration was receiving so much political attention at that time, given that it was an issue that had been present for decades with little prior concern from politicians.

Feinstein said that the numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border had “escalated tremendously” and included a significant amount of “illegal smuggling” across the border and even, according to the State Department at that time, dozens of ships transporting illegal aliens into the country.

She noted that there was a global trend — which has only gotten worse during the ensuing quarter of a century — of migration based primarily on economic motivations, and highlighted why it was arguably even more important to address the issue when it came to the Mexico-U.S. border.

America can’t be the world’s welfare system

“When it comes to these two borders, you have to remember a couple of things: In Mexico, there is no welfare, there is no AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children), there is no SSI (Supplemental Security Income), there is no Medicaid, there is no Social Security, there is no Medicare, and there’s a 58-cent per hour minimum wage,” Feinstein explained.

“Mexico does nothing to enforce its borders,” she continued. “It is my view that if we are going to have a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), that Mexico must do its share because the day when America could be the welfare system for Mexico is gone. We simply can’t afford it.”

She proceeded to cite the then-cost to California taxpayers alone of $2 billion per year due to illegal immigration and then summarized the problem as a “competition for space” with that “space” being things like a job, a home, or a place in a classroom, among other things.

“This is a country that is based on immigration, and we all know that, and yet at times you become so overtasked you have to concentrate on saying ‘the people who should be here are those who come legally at this time,’ and we’ve got to, for the time being,” not allow in those who come illegally.

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