Video captures ‘illegal electioneering’ for Fetterman, Shapiro in Philadelphia

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Project Veritas journalists at a Philadelphia polling station Tuesday captured hidden-camera footage described by the group’s founder as evidence of illegal electioneering for Democratic candidates John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro.

Fetterman narrowly defeated Republican Mehmet Oz, and Shapiro won by double-digits over Republican Doug Mastriano.

The undercover video shows a “committee person,” identified by Project Veritas as Rudy Stewart, presenting papers to the undercover journalist titled “Official Democratic City Committee Ballot” for the 2022 general election in Philadelphia County.

Stewart is heard telling voters: “Anyone needs Democratic Party information?”

Later, he points to the name of Fetterman’s Republican opponent, Oz, in a list of candidates pinned to the wall and says, “We’re scared of him.”

Philadelphia County’s training guide for election board officials, Project Veritas points out, includes “Handing out campaign materials” and “Telling voters which candidates to support” as examples of illegal electioneering. In addition, O’Keefe says, at the entrance of the polling center were pro-Fetterman and pro-Shapiro campaign posters.

“I’m scared of him. We’re scared of him,” Stewart says, gesturing to Oz’s name and also Mastriono’s.

“So don’t vote for them?” the uncovered journalist asks.

“Yes,” Stewart replies. “These guys are scary.”

Another committee person identified as James Harrison says, “I just help out whoever, the majority of the community supports.”

The journalist asks: “So you’re telling me I should vote for John Fetterman? I should vote for Joshua Shapiro?”

Harrison replies, “If you vote Democrat, all of them are the Democratic. They only got one against one.”

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