Video: Biden has to get helped out of car

A new video is garnering a lot of attention of President Joe Biden seemingly needing help to get out of a car. 

Take a look:


The situation took place on Wednesday when Biden visited the Detroit Auto Show.

The whole purpose of the visit was to further the left’s climate change agenda by promoting electric vehicles over gas-powered ones. The only thing is, as Breitbart News reports, Biden got sidetracked by an orange-painted, gas-powered Corvette.

“Get out of the way, everybody. This thing flies,” Biden said as he approached the vehicle.

Biden was subsequently given an overview of the vehicle, and, after getting permission to do so, he got in the vehicle and started its engine. “I’ll tell you what,” Biden said, “tell the head of my Secret Service detail I’m driving home.” Those waiting on Biden laughed at the suggestion.

The whole situation was awkward, to say the least. But, it would get even more awkward.

A helping hand?

At this point, General Motors CEO Mary Barra, the woman who was leading Biden around, opened the driver’s door of the Corvette, presumably in anticipation of Biden getting out of the vehicle.

“Mr. President, I want to introduce you to Mark,” Barra said, as she stood holding the driver’s door open, while Biden remained in the Corvette.

Biden mutters some words as he very slowly turns his body around in order to exit the vehicle. Biden then attempts to get out of the vehicle, but he doesn’t get too far. Instead, he stayed seated.

Then, a man comes over, presumably Mark, and offers Biden his hand, only in the form of a handshake. Biden grabs on, and the two men shake hands as Mark pulls the president out of the front seat of the Corvette. As one Twitter user put it, “this dude disguised a handshake to help [Biden] up because [Biden] can’t stand up on his own.”

It certainly does look as though that’s what happened.

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