Video shows Biden nearly trip while boarding Air Force One just days after taking tumble

Throughout last year’s presidential campaign and during the more than two months since he was inaugurated, President Joe Biden has faced speculation regarding the state of his physical and cognitive health.

This week, he once again raised concerns by appearing to nearly trip and fall while climbing the stairs to board Air Force One, according to reports.

Video footage reveals it all

The incident occurred less than two weeks after a similar episode in which Biden took a tumble as he jogged up the jet’s stairs, falling multiple times before reaching the top.

Had Biden actually tripped on Wednesday, the incident would have likely been excused by the fact that it was raining. The president appeared to struggle with maintaining his balance as he toted an umbrella in one hand and a carry-on bag in the other.

Video of the near-miss shows that, with his hands full, Biden would have likely been unable to catch himself and could have been seriously injured.

Biden was likely able to prevent injury earlier in March when he fell because his hands were free and he grabbed the railings as he fell.

On his way to Pittsburgh

That incident was also blamed on the weather by some insiders, including White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who cited gusty winds in the area at the time.

Reports confirm that the incident occurred as Biden was set to depart on a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for an event to mark the introduction of an expensive infrastructure spending proposal.

The first portion of the two-part American Jobs Plan would tip the scales at a staggering $2 trillion and provide funding for proposals ranging from traditional construction and improvement jobs to a host of other special-interest projects favored by progressive Democrats, according to Business Insider.

Of that total amount, just over $620 billion is set aside for transportation-related projects. Another $111 billion would go toward water infrastructure projects while broadband internet programs and electrical grid repairs would receive about $100 billion each.

The remainder of Biden’s proposal appears to be divided between numerous projects including housing, education, research and development, manufacturing, labor, and workforce development. It remains to be seen what other earmarks the costly spending plan will include.

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