Former GOP congressman declares victory over incumbent Democrat in California House race: Report

For months, liberal pundits in the mainstream media and their allies in the halls of Congress reassured their viewers and supporters that a giant “blue wave” was destined to wash over the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2020 election. But instead, the opposite happened.

According to Fox News, Republicans just pulled out another shocking House victory, this time in California, where former GOP Rep. David Valadao has managed to force out Democratic incumbent Rep. T.J. Cox by a razor-thin margin of just 862 votes.

A win in the Golden State

Valadao knows what winning is like. In 2012, he defeated his Democratic opponent by focusing on agricultural issues, knowing that the farming community in California leans right, and was able to muster enough Republican support overall to take down his opponent for a spot in the House, Fox reported.

Unfortunately for Valadao, he fell victim to the Democrats’ strike-back in 2018 when they flipped a large number of red seats across the country blue, including a number of Republican-held seats in California.

This year, however, Valadao followed a textbook strategy that many other Republican winners across the country heralded: convincing voters that House Democrats had veered too far to the left. With a growing number of radical progressive lawmakers making noise at any given time, it was an easy sell — even enough to flip a blue California House seat red.

Valadao also focused heavily on assuring his would-be voters that he would fight to energize Congress to work harder than ever before on passing a COVID-19 relief bill — an issue that hit close to home in California, where residents are experiencing some of the most draconian lockdown measures in the entire nation.

“This Thanksgiving, as the coronavirus continues to spread and our community and nation struggle, we desperately need relief,” Valadao said Wednesday, according to Fox. “When I head back to Washington, every resident of the Central Valley has my word that I will continue to always put this community first.”

Democrats sinking

Valadao’s win was most certainly not something House Democrats were expecting, as their latest loss lessens their already-shriveling majority in the lower chamber.

Pollsters had predicted for months that Democrats would enjoy a relatively easy gain of as many as 15 seats in the House, which would have strengthened their majority respectably and provided them even more power under a Joe Biden presidency.

Instead, Republicans managed to flip so many seats that they’ve narrowed Dems’ majority in the House to the slimmest margin in decades — a development that sparked a number of calls from within the Democratic caucus for new leadership, Fox noted.

According to a separate report from Fox, California GOP chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson was recently asked why she believes so many blue seats went red in the Golden State during the 2020 election. She thinks that Californians are recognizing that the failures in her state can only be blamed on the Democratic Party.

“California Democrats have to own every single failed policy here in California, whether it’s affordability, homelessness, or K-12 education. They have shown every single one of those failures,” Patterson said, as Fox reported. “And I think time and time again, they have shown — particularly Governor [Gavin] Newsom — how out of touch they are with working Californians.”

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