Victor Davis Hanson on Fox: Cancel culture ‘won’t stop until we fight back’

Historian Victor Davis Hanson exposed the hard truth about the rise of “woke” cancel culture in America during an interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday.

Hanson compared modern-day cancel culture to the Salem witch trials, explaining how both movements encourage individuals and mobs to take matters into their own hands “under the cover of being woke,” ruining lives in the process.

Fox anchor Dana Perino asked Hanson if he believes we are caught up in a cultural revolution: “From your perspective, if we’re in a cultural revolution, by the time you realize it, is it too late? Or how can we figure out to way to try to stop some of this cancel culture that is endemic?”

“I think we all know we’re in it,” Hanson replied.”People are afraid to say we’re in it. You, me, everybody we know is one word, one look, one wink away from being destroyed.”

Appeasement isn’t the answer

Cancel culture has been destroying the lives of some and forcing others into silence, all with the backing of Big Tech and the progressive wing of the Democrat party.

Hanson emphasized that compliance or appeasement will not work in fighting back against cancel culture. “If you don’t fight back against it they’ll be empowered,” Hanson said. “Any time a person apologizes or gives a reeducation type confessional they get empowered and they say, ‘See, we did this?'”

Hanson is entirely correct; no amount of apology or backtracking will spare someone from the wrath of cancel culture.

“A lot of people come out of the woodwork in these times of Salem witch trials or reign of terror, French Revolution,” Hanson said. “They want that person’s job, ego gets enhanced. Under the cover of being woke they do a lot of dangerous things. It won’t stop until we fight back and are explicit, we aren’t afraid of it and we won’t apologize for who we are and what we believe.”

Americans should be terrified by what is happening in our culture. No one is above the reach of cancel culture, not even celebrities who happen to hold the wrong political opinions, go to the wrong party, or shill the wrong product.

Actress Gina Carano, who starred in Disney’s popular show, “The Mandalorian,” was booted from the show after continuous pressure from activists who disapproved of Carano’s political opinions. If someone like Carano can be victimized, what hope do the rest of us have?

Time to push back

Hanson’s call on Americans to stand up to cancel culture comes at an important time as the progressive left has been on the offensive since the 2020 election. The left has made it clear that there will be no healing or unity, despite President Joe Biden’s promises. The left wants revenge, and they will go after anyone who doesn’t comply with renewed vigor.

Beyond pushing back against cancel culture, Americans also need to consider ways to reform our culture fundamentally. This starts with taking back our educational system from the left, which will only be the beginning of a long-needed cultural reformation.

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