Vicious left unleashes total war on women

June 20, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Like the plot of an apocalyptic “1984”-type novel or Hollywood blockbuster movie, America is mysteriously being transformed from the uniquely God-blessed, liberty-loving “shining city on a hill” it once was into an angry and conflicted – and outrageously pagan – dystopian society.

Today, all things corrupt and unholy are celebrated, with the entire month of June officially set aside as “Pride Month” to honor and publicly flaunt immoral, perverted sexual behaviors widely practiced in the ancient biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. At the same time, everything good, decent, wholesome, and moral is, for some strange reason, now demonized.

For example, “straight white men” holding to conservative Christian values are routinely condemned by powerful leftist political leaders – utterly without evidence – as “white supremacists,” “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists.” And of course, “the patriarchy” has been vilified by large parts of the leftwing feminist movement for decades, an attack on men that continues into the present day.

Likewise, children have become front-and-center targets of the revolutionary left’s transformational agenda. Early sexualization, considered a heinous crime in previous eras, is widespread in the increasingly toxic “public” (government) school system. Young people are also indoctrinated daily with toxic Marxist ideologies like “critical race theory” and taught to hate their own country – all while being scared to death about the imminent end of the world due to out-of-control “climate change.”

So much for the men and the children.

But what about America’s women?

Few are talking about what is, in truth, a de facto all-out war against women waged by today's left, controlled as it is by radical, "woke," sexual-and-gender revolutionaries.

Fortunately, at least one aspect of this war is receiving some publicity, providing a glimpse of the pagan left’s larger hidden agenda with regard to women. That would be the bizarre phenomenon of male athletes pretending to be female – and then dominating women’s athletic competitions. Without question, if the current trend is allowed to continue, eventually mentally ill (or simply deceitful and opportunistic) men will destroy women’s competitive sports worldwide.

But ruining women’s athletics, from high-school track to the Olympics, is just the tip of the “woke” radical left’s woman-annihilating iceberg.

Droves of male criminals are now, once convicted, suddenly “identifying as” women so they can be incarcerated with female inmates, resulting predictably in multiple reports of women being raped and sexually assaulted in prison while serving their sentences.

Even though this policy is obviously cruel, criminal, and insane, the penal system blithely facilitates it. Why?

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