Vice President of Comoros survives assassination attempt

Another attack against a foreign leader has taken place.

The Vice President of Comoros, Moustoidrane Abdou, narrowly escaped an attempt on his life on Sunday.

The Attack

Abdou was reportedly traveling to his home village of Sima on Sunday morning.

During the drive, the car was approached by a motorcycle.

The assailants opened up fire with automatic weapons.

Somehow, the Vice President was able to escape the area unharmed.

An unnamed sourced told a local publication, “His car was seriously damaged, but the Vice President is unhurt. There are no victims.”


Abdou is one of three vice presidents in Comoros, an archipelago near Madagascar.

He is currently responsible for production and energy under President Azali Assoumani.

The regime has been unstable for years due to Assoumani’s controversial governing.

Assoumani was elected in 2016.

However, many believe the integrity of the election was compromised.

As it stands now, the office rotates its way around the main islands.

The President, however, has suspended the Constitutional Court, which has caused significant outrage and protests.

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Many believe this is his way of ensuring he does not give up the office.

By suspending the Constitutional Court, he would be able to seek re-election in 2021, when his current term ends.

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