Charlie Daniels reminds Twitter followers that almost two dozen veterans die by suicide each day

While most of the country is focused on the border wall, Charlie Daniels brought a brutal reminder back in the limelight.

Daniels has once again thrust the problem of our veterans dying by suicide at an alarming rate to the forefront of our minds, tweeting on Sunday:

Every 65 Minutes

The sad reality today is that our warriors come home from duty and simply are not getting the care they deserve.

While things have gotten much better, veterans are still dying by suicide at an alarming rate.

A study conducted from 1999 to 2010 by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimated that a veteran takes his or her own life every 65 minutes.

That is a significant increase from the last VA estimate of 18 deaths per day.

Sadly, almost 70 percent of these tragedies affected veterans over the age of 50.

But it isn’t just retired vets who are struggling with their mental health.

In 2012, the VA reported that active-duty suicides outpaced combat deaths at 349 for the year, or nearly one per day.

Time for Change

The study was conducted by the VA in hopes that the department could use the information to target their services toward veterans who are at a higher risk of suicide.

We have seen dramatic improvements in the VA since Trump took office, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

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Hopefully, this study will help prevent the unnecessary and untimely deaths of our American heroes.

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