WWII veteran gets a high-five from Melania Trump

Melania Trump may have successfully won the heart of a WWII veteran that was previously a self-described Nancy Pelosi fan.

While on stage for an award ceremony, Harold Terence, who was awarded the French Legion of Honor over the weekend, extended his hand and managed to get a high-five from the first lady.

Froze Under Pressure

To hear Terence talk about Melania Trump is something of a legend. This was a man that looked death in its eye during World War II and performed true acts of heroism.

In the presence of Melania Trump, though, he was reduced to a teenager asking a girl to prom.

Terence stated that he had bet one of his buddies he could get a hug from the First Lady.

However, as she approached, he completely froze up. All Terrence could manage to do was to raise his hand for a high five, which the First Lady obliged.

Terence seemed to freeze once again, though, as he almost held onto the First Lady’s hand a little too long. Melania, however, did not seem to mind, as she smiled and was gracious throughout.

No Donald Trump Fan

What is really special about the entire exchange is the fact Terence is not a fan of Donald Trump at all. However, he stated when in Trump’s presence, it was actually a bit overwhelming.

Terence was completely gracious, though, as was the President. That impressed Terence and it is a moment he and his family will never forget.

Of all those moments, though, the one that obviously overwhelmed Terence with emotion was the presentation of the medal and how President Macron treated him.

The French President openly embraced the World War II hero during the ceremony and it is something that will remain etched in Terence’s memory forever.

Thank you for your service Mr. Terence and you never know, Melania Trump may have heard about your bet and might invite you to the White House for that hug!

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