Navy veteran set to challenge Rep. Maxine Waters in 2020

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has held political office in California since 1976 — and people are finally demanding change.

Joe Collins, a Navy veteran, is calling out Waters for her failures and presenting the people of California’s 43rd District with an alternative who will have their interests at heart. And he’s decided to run against her in 2020.

The Career Politician

Maxine Waters represents everything that is broken in our political system.

She first took office in 1976 as a member of the California State Assembly. Then, in 1991, she ran for Congress, and won the seat for California’s 29th district.

Two years later, she ran for office in the 33rd district, a seat she held until 2013, when she ran for the seat in the 43rd district, and won again. That year, she also joined the House Financial Services Committee — which is pretty ironic considering her corrupt past.

She then assumed the chairmanship of that committee in 2019 when Democrats took over the House.

After more than four decades in office — and while her districts have been destroyed — Maxine Waters has accrued a net worth of an estimated $5 million, and has funneled more than $1 million to her daughter.

In other words, Maxine Waters has done very well for herself and for her family, but the people who have voted for her time and again really have nothing to show for her time in office.

Time for Change

Collins says he is going to change all that. In an interview with One America News, he pointed to the crime, homelessness, and drugs running rampant in Waters’ district to argue that Waters’ constituents have not had a politician looking out for them since she took office.

According to Collins, when he came back from his service, he was homeless and needed help. So he went to Waters — and she did nothing for him. Now, he is running against her to ensure this story is not one that is repeated.

Even though Democrats have held these seats for years, Collins believes his would-be constituents are not Democrats or Republicans; they just want someone in office who will truly represent them. Who wouldn’t?

Oh, and by the way, Collins is a huge supporter of President Donald Trump.

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