Veteran calls for resignation of Connecticut Democrat who knelt for Pledge

Our proud veterans have had enough of liberals who never defended the flag disrespecting it.

After a local Connecticut town official knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance, a veteran in attendance demanded her resignation. 


The Democrat in question is Melissa Schlag, a Haddam Selectman.

During a recent meeting, she chose to kneel during the Pledge rather than stand.

The video of her antics caused national outrage.

However, the local rebukes for her were just as heated.

During the meeting, a Vietnam Veteran, Calvin Bunnell, offered to pack her bags and send her out of the country if she could not muster up some respect for the flag.

Lessons Lost

Bunnell noted how as a child, one of the most important lessons he learned was respect for the flag.

This is something that was mandated for all of us growing up, but now it would appear optional.

As Bunnell discussed, this is about not only honoring our country but also the men and women that lost their lives in the name of American freedom.

The fact is, perception is reality for everyone in this country.

Those protesting the flag can claim whatever they want, but those of us that respect our military and those that have served often perceive this is a slant against their sacrifice.

How is that perception any different than a homosexual perceiving someone being homophobic because they look at them a funny way?

How is that any different from a minority perceiving racism because of the way someone acts around them or something they said or did.

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The fact is, liberals these days simply don’t care about our veterans or what the flag stands for, they just want to get headlines with these outrageous acts.

Upcoming elections are going to prove once and for all what is most important in this country, which makes it all that much more important for each and every conservative to get out there and protect our rights and freedoms as Americans by voting.

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