‘Very troubling’: Pence comments on appointment of special counsel to investigate Trump–again

Former Vice President Mike Pence said that a Justice Department appointment Friday of a special counsel to investigate former President Donald Trump after the raid on his Mar-A-Lago residence “very troubling.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former Justice Department official Jack Smith to look into the records taken from Mar-A-Lago and also Trump’s involvement in January 6.

“The appointment of a special counsel is very troubling,” Pence told Fox News Digital. “No one is above the law, but I am not sure it’s against the law to take bad advice from your lawyers.”

Pence said that there have been “years of politicization” at the Justice Department, referencing the two-plus year Russian collusion investigation that turned up no evidence that Trump ever colluded with Russia in any way.

“Never been done”

“There have been disclosed FBI agents falsifying documents, the FBI using a Clinton campaign-funded opposition research document to support two and a half years of the Russia hoax,” he said.

Pence was also “troubled” by the raid on Mar-A-Lago itself, which turned up documents marked “classified” that Trump claims were declassified before his leaving office.

“It had never been done in history,” he said. He added that the action “sent a divisive message across the country,” and even that it “sent a wrong message about America around the world.”

Pence reminded Fox News that he spent 10 years on the Senate Judiciary committee and “knows how the justice system works.

“Many more opportunities”

“There were many more opportunities — short of executing a search warrant on the personal residence of the president of the United States to resolve the issues of classified documents that were present there.”

Considering the black eye already on the justice system, he said, “Now would be a good time for the Justice Department to be working on restoring its credibility with the American people.”

He also found the timing–a few days after Trump announced a 2024 bid for the presidency–suspect.

Pence said his cooperation with any investigation would be on the advice of his counsel. He will not be testifying before the January 6 committee on that same advice.

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