Very troubling': Charlie Kirk rips GOP women's group exposed by WND

September 5, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Popular conservative leader and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk said stonewalling by a national Republican women's group of a measure to restrict membership to biological women, as reported exclusively by WND, is "very troubling," on his daily video broadcast Tuesday.

Leaders at the National Federation of Republican Women, or NFRW, face the grassroots rebellion of state women leaders who do not want biological male "trans women" to be leaders and voting members in the organization.

"I would hope that the premier women's organization on the Republican side can define what a woman is," Kirk said on his own "Charlie Kirk Show."

Moreover, the woman running for election to be president on the favored "official slate" of NFRW candidates, Vanessa LaFranco, is among those who cheered the nomination of a biological man, Pam Daniels, for a "Woman of the Year" award by the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women (NJFRW), the NFRW's state chapter in the Garden State. Daniels' LinkedIn page states that he still sits on the NJFRW's board of governance.

Meanwhile, a key state leader in the grassroots campaign to get the NFRW to adopt a pro-real-women membership requirement has been told by her state club to cease speaking out in public, and ostensibly to media, WND has learned.

Kirk said he hopes the story is not true, "and I've done some independent research here, but it's very troubling based on what I'm seeing."

"There's a controversy that's come up here with the NFRW. According to, and I've verified this with a couple of sources, the National Federation of Republican Women refused to pass a resolution that biological men that think they're women are not allowed to come into the NFRW," he said.

(Actually, any vote on the matter would happen at the end of the month: proponents of the proposed bylaws change hope it will be considered at the NFRW's upcoming convention in Oklahoma City beginning Sept. 28. However, the national leadership reportedly is rejecting their efforts to even have it considered and voted on at the convention.)

Kirk covered the comments by current and outgoing NFRW President Eileen Sobjack – in a memo to state leaders that was leaked to WND – expressing her fear of a lawsuit were the organization to deny membership to "trans women."

Sobjack said “Addressing this issue would end us. I will not let this issue be our demise,” in the memo leaked to WND, to which Laura Carlson, the leader of the pro-women campaign, responded that she and allied state group leaders would pay to defend the NFRW against any LGBT-activist legal challenge.

"The national Republican women's organization is afraid of lawsuits," Kirk said. "This is a huge disappointment. I hope that there's more to this story."

He continued with an appeal to his viewers: "If any of you are part of the NFRW, or any of the state chapters, who do ... objectively, a great job, they [the NFRW] have their biennial [convention] in Oklahoma City later this month – they have a bylaws proposal that is being pushed back against."

"They say, no it's too controversial, we don't want the lawsuits," Kirk said. "If the NFRW, the National Federation of Republican Women, can't define what a woman is, we've got serious problems."

He concluded: "I hope you guys act on this if you know anybody in the leadership of the NFRW ... I would hope that the premier women's organization on the Republican side can define what a woman is."

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