Vermont gubernatorial nominee says they are receiving death threats

A gubernatorial candidate in Vermont fears for “her” life.

Christine Hallquist, who has won the Democrat nomination for governor in Vermont and is transgender, alleges that she has received dozens of death threats during the course of this campaign.

Public Resistance

Over the last two years, the transgender population has gotten more attention than it has at any other time in our country.

Accounting for roughly 1.2 percent of the American population, the group has become a major talking point for Democrats in office and liberals in general.

The feedback from Americans has been mixed at best.

To liberals, they represent a true minority that must be heard.

To conservatives — well, let’s just say the reception has not been so kind.

Even so, most are quiet about it, at least in public, but there are those in that extreme category that are very outspoken on the matter.

The Threats

Hallquist said the threats started to come in during the primaries, but have picked up noticeably now that he/she has won the nod from Democrats.

This was not unexpected by the candidate.

“Early on when our team assembled, I said ‘the more successful we are, the more vitriol and threats we are going to receive,” Hallquist said.

The Democrat candidate then made a silent accusation against the Trump administration, saying: “It’s kind of a natural outcome of our divided country.”

Of course, the division was arguably caused by the Democrat Party when they threw around racist accusations against conservatives like they were handing out flyers on a street corner.

To his credit, incumbent Gov. Phil Scott condemned the attacks against Hallquist.

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Even with all of this extra attention brought on by the threats, though, Hallquist has a rather significant challenge ahead to unseat Scott.

Scott’s approval ratings right now are extremely high, and up until the death threat story got Hallquist’s name in the papers, most voters knew nothing about Hallquist.

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