Verdict expected soon on whether posting Bible verse online is a CRIME!

September 2, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A verdict is expected in the next few weeks in a trial that will determine whether posting a Bible verse online is a crime.

A report from Decision Magazine explained that the fight developed in Finland, where a legislator, Paivi Rasanen, was accused of "agitation against a minority group" by stating her biblical beliefs.

In a trial, she was acquitted of the charges months ago, but prosecutors demanded that an appeals panel deliver to them a favorable decision in the case, insisting that she must be punished.

This week, the Helsinki Court of Appeal finished a two-day hearing on the case that was triggered by her online statement about the Bible, as well as her part in creating a brochure that talks about the Bible.

The Decision report explained, "In 2019, Räsänen—a medical doctor and mother of five—posted a tweet in which she asked the leadership of her church why they would sponsor the Helsinki Pride parade, and she attached a photo with verses from Romans 1. Years earlier in 2004, she had written a pamphlet on marriage and sexuality titled 'Male and Female He Created Them.”'And during a radio program, she also upheld the biblical view of marriage and sexuality."

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