Report: Venezuelan president targeted for assassination with explosive-laden drones

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims to have narrowly escaped an assassination attempt.

While Maduro was giving a speech, reports of low-flying exploding drones caused massive panic.

According to President Maduro’s camp, this was an unsuccessful attempt on his life.

Contradictory Reports

Video of the “attack” clearly shows the president and his first lady glancing skyward with the explosion being heard in the background:

As soon as the explosion happened, Maduro was surrounded by aides with what we assume were bulletproof shields.

He was then ushered off stage to safety.

While his camp is holding firm that it was a drone attack, the local fire department disagrees.

According to those officials, a gas cylinder at a nearby apartment building exploded.

If that were the case, it is very reasonable projectiles would have been flying from the explosion, giving the appearance of “low flying drones.”

Blame It on the Right

President Maduro took no time at all to blame the attack on right-wing extremists.

One party leader, Diosdado Cabello, said: “The right insists on violence to take public spaces that they can’t win with votes.”

To add to the assassination attempt narrative, a group called “Soldiers in T Shirts” claimed responsibility for the alleged drone attack.

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They stated that although this attack was unsuccessful, they proved he is vulnerable to attack.

The tweet also hinted they would be trying again soon, calling it, “just a matter of time.”

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