Vandal spraypaints obscene message on President Trump’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Since he first entered the presidential race in 2015, President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been defaced countless times — and this week was no exception.

Trump’s star came under attack once again on Wednesday when a vandal used spray paint to make a derogatory reference to the debunked allegations of a link between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Vandals must have missed Mueller’s report

The recent release of the long-awaited final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller made it abundantly clear that there was no collusion, conspiracy, or coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government — ever.

But after two years of collusion obsession, there remain some stragglers on the left who are still desperately holding on to the narrative that Trump is a puppet for the Russian president.

Case in point: in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to TMZ, two men acted to vandalize Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame.

One of the men painted over the star while the other captured footage of the politically-charged and obscene vandalism.

The vandal first used black spray paint to completely cover Trump’s star, then in white, etched a brief message: “Putin’s b***h.”

The explicit message only remained on the star for about four hours before a crew was dispatched to clean it all up.

The Hollywood Historic Trust filed a police report over the act of vandalism.

LAPD on the case

This is far from the first time Trump’s star has been defaced, but the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has made it clear that the star will not be removed from the walk of fame due to its status as a historical landmark.

Previous attacks on the star included its complete destruction on two separate occasions: one with a jackhammer, and the other, via pickaxe.

The star has also been vandalized with paint, urine, and trash in several instances, and at one point even had a tiny barbed-wire-topped border wall built around it.

Los Angeles police are reportedly investigating this latest incident of vandalism, but should the vandal be caught, they will likely suffer only a slap on the wrist from authorities while receiving congratulations from Trump’s haters.

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