Rep. Jeff Van Drew faces intense criticism from left amid switch to GOP

In the wake of the sham impeachment in the House, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) announced that he would not only vote against the impeachment of President Donald Trump, but would also switch his allegiance from the Democrat Party to that of the Republicans.

While President Trump and other Republicans have welcomed Van Drew’s decision to cross the aisle amid impeachment, it has been made abundantly clear by the congressman’s former comrades that there is no going back to the Democrat side of things, as he is now deemed persona non grata, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

A subtle threat of violence

Prior to votes being cast on the articles of impeachment, but after word had emerged that Van Drew was considering a party switch, the knives quickly came out and were aimed directly at the congressman’s back by his former friends and caucus colleagues.

It even appeared that potential violence against him was even threatened when fellow New Jersey Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell told a reporter of Van Drew: “Do you know how we would have handled this back in Paterson?”

Paterson is a prominent city in Pascrell’s district, and it should be noted that, in contrast with the obvious implication of that remark, Pascrell insisted he wasn’t advocating for violence against Van Drew.

No longer welcome

Speaking with The Hill on Tuesday ahead of the impeachment vote, Pascrell also said of Van Drew’s impending party switch: “This is an awful thing to do.”

He went on:

You make a commitment. That’s doesn’t mean you’ve got to vote every way that the majority or the leadership asks you to vote. Certainly it means you owe something to the organization who put you where you are.

The congressman went on to note that Van Drew would no longer be welcomed on the Democratic side of the aisle in the House chamber, took great exception to the fact that Van Drew didn’t provide any advance notice of his intent to switch sides, and further impugned his motives by suggesting the whole thing was a futile attempt to avoid being voted out of office by his Democratic constituents in a 2020 primary challenge.

Pascrell isn’t alone in being highly critical of Van Drew; Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) also called out his former colleague over the switch and suggested that he’d regret it once he’d been dumped by Republicans following the impeachment saga and his usefulness to President Trump had waned.

Few friends left

The Hill noted that Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), whom Van drew had previously endorsed in his 2020 presidential bid, has turned on his friend and urged Democrats to donate funds to anyone who would challenge Van Drew for the seat.

In addition, the Free Beacon pointed out, a number of other House Democrats outside of New Jersey also sharply criticized Van Drew for the “mistake” he was making in abandoning the Democrat Party over impeachment and noted that the “moderate” Blue Dog Democrat caucus to which Van Drew had belonged had already revoked his membership.

Congressman Van Drew has found himself in an awfully lonely position where he is now hated by his former colleagues and Democratic constituents and looked upon warily by his new Republican colleagues and constituents. Regardless of what happens to him career-wise, however, let’s hope calmer heads prevail, and he doesn’t face any tangible harm from embittered leftists.

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