Vaccinated wife of New Jersey’s governor tests positive for COVID after Costa Rica vacation

Welcome to the next stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which triple-vaccinated Democrats who insist that the “vaccine works” continue to test positive for the virus.

The latest example is none other than first lady Tammy Murphy, wife of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D), who tested positive shortly after returning home from a controversial trip the Murphy family took to Costa Rica while COVID-19 case counts skyrocketed in his state, Fox News reports

The New Jersey first lady was tested after reportedly coming into contact with a positive, non-family member in their household.

Other members of the Murphy family, including the governor, have registered negative tests, but will reportedly continue to be tested in the coming days.

The controversial trip

Murphy and his family took some heavy bipartisan flak right before the Christmas holidays for announcing they were traveling to Costa Rica for a vacation getaway.

The trip came at the same time that omicron COVID-19 cases surged in the state — which is a time when residents of the state expected the governor to be close by in case he’s needed.

But it’s important to keep in mind that while Democrats like Murphy insist you stay home, avoid travel, and take precautions during the pandemic, he’s way better and much more privileged than you. His response, when asked if taking the swanky vacation was a good idea, was proof of that.

“We’re going to spend some time together as a family,” Murphy said. “Please God, we need that.”

Ironically, Murphy happens to be one of the select few Democratic governors who enacted some of the toughest COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in the country, which actually ranked among the strictest across America.

What’s next?

Gov. Murphy’s office insisted that since he’s vaccinated and boosted, he’s not required to enter a quarantine or isolation period, which is bizarre given that triple-vaccinated individuals are more than capable of carrying the virus.

“As the governor is vaccinated and boosted, he is not required to quarantine per CDC guidance,” a statement from his office read, according to “He will continue to wear a mask in all public settings.”

Perhaps while New Jersey’s first lady is quarantined, she’ll have ample time to plan the next tropical family getaway while the state her husband manages continues to see skyrocketing crime rates and COVID-19 case counts.

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