'Utter failure': Verdict is in for Biden's attorney general

June 20, 2023
World Net Daily

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Merrick Garland, Joe Biden's attorney general who has gone political by allowing President Trump to be criminally prosecuted for having papers from his presidency in his home while bringing no such case against Joe Biden, who also had papers from his vice-presidency, is an "utter failure."

That's according to constitutional expert and George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley, a popular commentator and frequent witness before Congress.

He wrote, "For an attorney general who said that he wanted to restore the trust of the public in his department, Garland has manifestly failed to achieve his goal. It appears that the Justice Department and FBI are now trusted less than under his predecessor, Bill Barr."

Turley noted a new poll shows a majority of Americans say the indictment of Trump was motivated by politics, and an equal majority say it amounts to election interference.

"Merrick Garland began his tenure as attorney general with the stated intention of restoring faith in the Justice Department and the rule of law. By that standard, Garland has been a failure. In fact, if anything, the crisis of faith surrounding his department has only deepened on his watch, and he bears some of the blame," Turley explained.

He noted polls confirm half the nation "distrusts" the FBI and nearly two-thirds believe the bureau to be "politically compromised."

The polls, he noted, sometimes vary, but they "show a deep-seated distrust of the Justice Department that continues to taint all of the department’s work."

"For example, the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump contains extremely damaging elements, including an audiotape that directly contradicts Trump’s assertions that he declassified all of the documents in his possession. Yet even the Justice Department’s release of an unusually detailed indictment, with pictures designed to sway public opinion, appears to have had little effect. While 48 percent of the public believes that the charges are justified, 47 percent believe the charges are 'politically motivated,'" he said.

"That perception of bias is well earned. Various officials were removed from the Department by career officials for their express bias and misconduct during the Russia collusion investigation. That investigation was recently found by Special Counsel John Durham to have been launched with the backing of the Clinton campaign and without the minimal evidence ordinarily required by the department," he said. "The Justice Department and the media kept the investigation going for years despite the lack of credible evidence."

Now, Turley said, "He is the very symbol for maintaining a status quo that the public rejects."

He explained Garland is like a "supervising judge who defers to the views and decisions of his agency" but that has been "disastrous for the department."

While others were calling for fundamental changes in the bureau because of past scandals – when the bureau was fabricating the "Russiagate" accusations against Trump one agent arrogantly promised he would not allow Trump to be president – Garland has allowed that very "culture" to remain.

Another mishandled situation has been the draconian punishments for Jan. 6 event participants "charged with relatively minor offenses such as trespass and unlawful entry into the Capitol."

He noted the controversies "continue to pile up."

He said, "Garland could have taken steps to assure the public that there is not a two-tiered system of justice but repeatedly refused to do so. For example, Garland has continued to refuse to appoint a special counsel in the investigation of Hunter Biden. By doing so, Garland has removed the president’s greatest threat in the form of a report that would detail the scope of the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling and foreign contacts."

"Time and again, Garland could have made decisions to seek to assure the public with more moderate and transparent decisions. He has repeatedly failed to do so," Turley charged.

He even "has done little prospectively to assure the public that the department is pursuing cases without political bias."

Turley said "there is little to like" about his tenure as AG.

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