Utah's Trent Staggs celebrates Trump's endorsement for Senate

 May 12, 2024
Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs has garnered a pivotal endorsement from former President Donald Trump in his bid for the U.S. Senate.Trent Staggs, the current Mayor of Riverton, Utah, received a significant endorsement from Donald Trump as he campaigns to replace Senator Mitt Romney, Breitbart reportedTrent Staggs, serving as the Mayor of Riverton, announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate aiming to take the seat from the incumbent Mitt Romney. Staggs, who has been a vocal advocate for the "America First" agenda, highlighted his record as a mayor and his extensive experience in business as foundational for his Senate run.

Donald Trump’s endorsement came as a crucial boost for Staggs, proclaiming him as a "Highly Successful Entrepreneur" and "100% MAGA." Trump’s support is seen as a key asset in the conservative circles of Utah, potentially swaying the electorate towards Staggs' campaign.

Trump’s Endorsement Elevates Staggs’ Campaign

Trump's backing came to Staggs via a phone call while he was on his way to the state convention in April. This endorsement was later confirmed through an official letter that detailed Staggs' alignment with several key conservative policies, including support for military veterans, protection of the Second Amendment, and promoting American energy.

At the state convention, the endorsement seemed to have influenced the delegates significantly as Staggs secured 70% of the vote, a record-breaking percentage in Utah’s open Senate convention races. This support at the convention underlined his popularity among the conservative base.

"It is incredible to have an endorsement from former President Donald Trump... one of the most valuable currencies a candidate can have," said Staggs, reflecting on the impact of Trump's endorsement.

Aligning With Conservative Leaders and America First Agenda

Staggs aims to firmly position himself alongside prominent conservative figures, such as Senator Mike Lee, who share his political ideology and objectives. He emphasized the necessity of aligning with leaders who will support an America First agenda, contrasting himself with Romney, whom he criticizes for not adequately supporting Trump during his presidency.

"I didn’t feel like he represented Utah very well at all. He was continuously just railing on President Trump. And we need somebody that’s going to have his back and be able to work with him and these other great America First senators so that we can advance his agenda," Staggs expressed.

Staggs Challenges Establishment, Backed by Grassroots Support

Staggs criticized the current political establishment, which he refers to as "swamp creatures," suggesting that lobbyists and PACs are backing his opponents to maintain the status quo. He argues that his campaign, unlike his opponents', is driven by the interests of the American people rather than the self-preservation of the political elite.

"That’s what’s typified my career. Now ten going on 11 years in elected office, also in business, but that really resonated with folks. They want that. People are hungry for it. They’re sick and tired of sending the same people to Washington that care more about their own self-preservation and self-interest than they do about representing the interests of the American people," Staggs elaborated.

The financial aspect of campaigning was also touched upon by Staggs, who acknowledged, "That does require money," underscoring the financial challenges of competing against well-funded establishment figures.

Conclusion: A New Direction for Utah?

In conclusion, Trent Staggs' Senate campaign, bolstered by Donald Trump's endorsement, aims to challenge the established political framework and promote a national agenda that prioritizes American interests. With a strong endorsement from Trump and substantial delegate support at the state convention, Staggs is positioning himself

as a formidable contender against Mitt Romney. His campaign continues to emphasize his extensive experience in both politics and business, appealing to voters who are eager for change and leadership that echoes their values.

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