Utah GOP considers responses to Romney’s impeachment vote, including call to ‘immediately resign’

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) was the only senator to cross party lines at the end of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, joining Democrats to vote to convict the president of the “abuse of power” charge.

Unsurprisingly, this landed Romney in hot water with his fellow Republicans back in Utah, who are now considering several resolutions intended to hold him accountable, including one demanding he “immediately resign” from office.

Utah GOP responds to Romney

The Utah Republican Party is reportedly considering no less than three separate resolutions that appear to all have been drafted in response to Romney’s vote for conviction, The Daily Caller reported.

The resolutions could be voted on by the end of the month, though it remains unclear at this time just how much support any of the particular measures have among party members.

The first of the three resolutions simply expresses the support of the Utah GOP for President Trump’s acquittal while the second resolution — without naming names — calls for legislation that would allow for the recall of a sitting U.S. senator. The third resolution, however, directly calls for Romney’s immediate resignation from office.

Expressing disapproval

The resolutions targeting Romney were first reported by local CBS-affiliate KUTV on Monday, and were drafted and put forward by Republican Party activists. The pro-acquittal resolution was authored by a business owner named Brandon Beckham, who previously put forward a resolution calling for an official party censure of Romney — a measure that reportedly earned him “vile” attacks from Romney supporters.

“We want to express our disapproval of that vote,” Beckham said of the pro-acquittal resolution. “A lot of the people in the party, the Republican Party, as well as people across the state, felt like Sen. Romney misrepresented our support for the president.”

He added that the point of his resolution was to place the state GOP on the record with regard to the impeachment vote while at the same time calling on “all Utah elected Republicans to work with President Trump to implement the conservative policies of the America First agenda that are helping our country succeed.”

Romney needs to resign

The resolution calling for Romney to resign from the U.S. Senate was put forward by Steven Clark, chairman of the Sanpete County GOP, who believes Romney holds a “personal animus” toward the president. Clark said he believes he has enough support for his resolution to be passed, though it is noteworthy that it would be non-binding on Romney even if it did pass the legislature.

“I feel like Mitt Romney has betrayed the party, betrayed the voters,” Clark told KUTV. “I think he’s had a vendetta against Trump from the beginning. I think his actions have done significant damage to the party.”

The third resolution, which would create the apparatus for the recall of a sitting senator, does not specifically name Romney. It is more generally aimed at the removal of “a senator failing in his duty that has grieved their constituents.”

Romney’s office declined to formally respond to KUTV’s request for comment, but the outlet noted that an unnamed individual “close” to the senator did say in reply, “It’s a sad day when voting your conscience gets you a reprimand from your own party.”

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