Usain Bolt stripped of medal after testing positive for PED

Usain Bolt was just stripped of one of his Olympic medals, but not for the reason you might think.

One of Bolt’s teammates, Nesta Carter, tested positive for doping and cost the entire relay team their 2008 Olympic medal for the 4×100 relay.

8 Years Later…

With advances in testing, many athletes are finding themselves coming under scrutiny years after their events took place.

Carter, unfortunately for Bolt, is one such athlete.

Testing during the 2008 Olympics apparently left the athlete free and clear.

However, as the tests have been refined, samples from those games were tested again.

In 2016, urine samples from the games were re-tested.

This time, however, Carter tested positive.

After the results were made public, the IOC informed the Jamaican team they would have to return their medals and diplomas from the game.

The Appeal

Carter almost immediately filed an appeal of the findings.

The appeal process was heard, with all parties present in Switzerland at Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) headquarters.

After hearing both sides as well as allowing both sides to present briefs on the appeal, the CAS panel deliberated.

Afterwards, they found the 2008 urine sample from Carter did in fact contain methylhexaneamine (MHA).

In addition, the panel found that Carter’s arguments for why the MHA was present were invalid.

When the final decision was handed down, it sparked outrage from fans around the world.

Questions started arising about the validity of the news tests with the urine being eight-years-old.

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People were also questioning the integrity of the Chinese.

All of it has fallen on deaf ears, though, and one of the greatest sprinters in the history of track and field is now paying the price for one of his teammate’s indiscretions.

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