USA trucker convoy plans to send ‘some trucks’ to park in front of White House

Forming about a month after thousands of Canadian truck drivers shocked the world with a massive protest over COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, the American version of the Freedom Convoy, also called “The People’s Convoy,” has finally arrived near its final destination of Washington D.C.

According to the Washington Examiner, the convoy, which unfortunately was all but ignored across the mainstream media due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, had planned over the weekend to send some “select trucks” to the White House as part of the protest. 

The timing of the convoy also came at a time when, over the past few weeks, COVID-related mandates have begun to magically disappear overnight.

“I can tell you now that there will be select trucks going to the White House,” Dan Fitzgerald, one of the convoy’s organizers told NBC News on Friday.

What will happen?

Given that there aren’t as many mandates to protest at this point, combined with being in the shadow of the 24/7 live coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s unclear what the convoy, which is largely made up of passenger vehicles, will do at the nation’s capital over the weekend.

NBC reported that the organizers, for obvious reasons, are keeping the plans for the protest close to the vest.

Some of those who are live-streaming the convoy as it moves across the country mentioned the possibility of blocking traffic in and around Washington D.C. Security officials at the Capitol complex and other sensitive government buildings began preparing for such an event last month when the convoy officially kicked off in mid-February.

While it might not have the endgame goals that it did several weeks ago when most mandates were still in place, the USA convoy has garnered local media attention and interest as it moved across the country, with thousands of Americans greeting the convoy from highway overpasses.

More details

One of the earlier USA convoy versions had promoted the goal of arriving in Washington D.C. the morning of March 1, the day that President Joe Biden gave his first State of the Union address.

As the Examiner noted, that convoy seemed to fizzle out, garnering almost no media attention as it apparently lost steam at some point.

It was also noted that some of the truckers will be bused into D.C. to meet with some lawmakers to discuss the current state of the pandemic mandates and other concerning issues ahead of the 2022 midterms.

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