US student attacked and killed by sharks during Bahamas excursion

A family vacation turned tragic for a California family after a brutal shark attack took their daughter from them.

21-year-old Jordan Lindsey was on a Bahamas excursion when a shark attack resulted in the loss of her right arm and bites on her left arm, legs, and buttocks. She eventually succumbed to her wounds and died.

Fun Turns Tragic

According to reports, Jordan was with her family and some friends on a trip to the Bahamas.

The group had gone on an excursion trip off Rose Island. The area is known for wild pigs and incredible underwater scenery.

Jordan was in the water snorkeling when several people on the boat noticed a shark was close by. Her parents and others on the boat started to scream in an effort to get Jordan’s attention, but it was too late.

Vicious Shark Attack

One can only imagine the horror of the parents seeing the shark go after their daughter and them being defenseless to stop the inevitable.

According to her father, Jordan loved and defended all animals. He actually stated it was rather ironic that the creatures she was so in love with and defended with all her heart were responsible for taking her from this Earth far too soon.

Jordan’s death has been confirmed by U.S. officials in the area.

Left to Wonder

Jace Holton, a doctor from Texas, was also in the area with another group during the attack. She stated she had actually been swimming in that area less than an hour before.

She also said she wished she had been there during the attack because maybe there would have been something she could have done to save Jordan’s life.

“I kind of wish I had been there in that exact moment,” Holton said. “Not that there’s more than you do in that situation, but you kind of wonder.”

Rest in peace, Jordan. You left us far too soon.

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