US Postal worker found dead in mail truck

High heat in California claimed an unsuspecting victim.

A local postal worker, Peggy Frank, died while delivering the mail on Friday.

Just Too Hot

According to local reports, the thermometer was flirting with 120 degrees when Peggy Frank was out delivering the mail.

That kind of heat will take its toll on anyone, let alone a 63-year-old woman recovering from a recent injury.

Frank reportedly was only recently coming back to work after having suffered an ankle injury.

Sadly, she was found in her postal vehicle unresponsive early Friday afternoon.

When she was found, paramedics were immediately called.

After revival attempts failed, the EMTs pronounced her dead on the scene.

Frank’s son said this was not the first time his mother had problems with excessive heat.

According to the son, Frank suffered a heatstroke in May of last year.

Family Wants Changes

Her family believes the excessive heat was to blame for Frank’s death.

Now they are demanding the USPS change its protocols for delivering mail on days where the heat is excessive.

Frank’s sister, Lynn, stated, “I want them to realize what it’s like and they need to do something.”

For its part, the USPS says safety is already a priority.

Unfortunately, the elements are something postal workers are forced to deal with on a daily basis.

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This is something that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

However, the agency may want to consider more restrictions on the age and health of its postal workers before sending them out in these conditions.

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