US military strikes al-Shabab in Somalia

Even though President Donald Trump has taken some hits recently over his military stance, the military continues to hurt terrorists where it counts.

According to recent reports, the U.S. military launched a successful strike against the al-Shabab terrorist group in Somalia.

On Wednesday and Thursday, several attacks were carried out and are believed to have killed more than a dozen militants.

Precision Strikes

The ability of the United States to conduct these strikes without hurting civilians is remarkable.

In this case, a total of 15 militants are believed to have been killed without a single innocent civilian being hit as collateral damage.

However, as successful as these strikes have been, our generals have been adamant that more support from the local Somali army is going to be needed.

In fact, even the former defense minister for Somalia, General Abdulkadir Ali Dini, has uttered those same sentiments.

Proving Trump Right

One of the reasons Trump would like to pull out troops out of this part of the world is because he believes local governments are depending on the United States too much.

Indeed, we have been fighting their war for them for almost two decades, with little to show for it. The people and governments of these countries need to take up their own fight and better support the efforts being made by the United States and other allied countries.

“At the end of the day, these strikes are not going to defeat al-Shabab,” said Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, the U.S. Military’s Africa Command Head. “But the bottom line is the Somali National Army needs to grow, it needs to step up, and it needs to take responsibility for their own security.”

This is a sentiment that has been expressed by President Trump time and time again.

So far this year, in less than two months, the United States has carried out roughly 25 percent of the total number of strikes in conducted in all of 2018, and we covered a full third of the number of attacks conducted the year prior.

Yes, the air strikes are effective, but they are meaningless if Somalia’s military does not join the fight.

Diplomacy has been attempted, but in all honesty, what incentive is being given to al-Shabab if there is no sign of resistance by local citizens?

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