US forces bomb ‘ISIS-infested island’ in Iraq

As the United States targets Taliban strongholds in Afganistan following a breakdown in peace negotiations, the U.S. is also ramping up its offensive against ISIS.

The U.S. military obliterated an “ISIS-infested island” in Iraq with “36,000 kg of bombs” on Tuesday, according to the Daily Wire.

Not only that, the military released a video of the attack to show the world all bets are off right now…

War on Terror continues…

According to numerous reports, the United States and the Taliban were on the verge of agreeing to a peace deal in Afghanistan.

That potential agreement went up in smoke after the Taliban killed a U.S. soldier, and the Trump administration responded by coming down hard on the terrorists.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that more than 1,000 Taliban had been killed over the last 10 days and with strikes now being ramped back up, that number is likely to increase significantly over the next month.

Can’t Be Trusted

While it was widely reported the Taliban and the United States had an agreement in principle, many, including this author, had expressed concern over whether or not the Taliban could be trusted.

To finalize the agreement, Trump said he had secretly invited Taliban leadership to Camp David to finalize the details of the agreement.

However, in an effort to strengthen their negotiating position, the Taliban decided to carry out a suicide attack, which resulted in the death of an American soldier, along with innocent civilians.

President Trump was furious, calling off the attacks and all but telling the Taliban the gloves were coming off immediately…

While there is still hope of peace in Afghanistan, that is clearly not going to happen anytime soon unless the Taliban completely buckles.

President Trump has been adamant he will not allow another 9/11 on his watch and so far, he has delivered on that promise.

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