US conducts missile tests, rejects Putin’s offer to sell advanced weaponry

The United States military under President Donald Trump “has tested four nuclear-capable missiles in the past three days,” according to a report from¬†Newsweek.

This comes at the same time that Russian President Vladimir Putin claims to have offered to sell to the United States “advanced weapons” in order to “balance everything out.”

U.S. conducts nuclear weapons tests

The U.S. Navy revealed that it had “conducted four scheduled missile test flights” in a statement released on Friday. Two took place on Wednesday, and then two more on Friday.

The tests were said to be of the Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles, which are capable of housing a nuclear payload. They were launched from the USS Nebraska, which was stationed right off the coast of San Diego, California.

In the statement, officials emphasized that the weapons tests “were not conducted in response to any ongoing world events.”

Relaunching the arms race

The tests themselves came just a day after Putin, at the Eastern Economic Forum, revealed that he offered to sell Trump some of his country’s start-of-the-art- weapons. Trump, according to the Russian president, turned him down, saying that America “will soon produce it themselves.

“There is little reason for the United States to consider the purchase of advanced missile technology from Russia,” an unnamed U.S. official was quoted as saying. “The United States has a major comparative advantage over Russia in the safe development, testing, and employment of missile technology.”

In February of 2017, Trump released his plan to develop nuclear warheads capable of fitting on the Trident missiles, which caused Putin shortly therafter to respond by trying to one-up the president, announcing the development of weapons capable of surpassing all past, present, and future defense systems.

From the outside, it certainly looks the two countries are back in an arms race.

Putin continues to try and make the United States look like the aggressor, claiming that Russia is only responding to what officials in Washington are already doing.

Concerns escalate

Of course, all of this weapons talk is eerily reminiscent of what happened in the second half of the 20th century. As was the case then, people’s fears are growing right along with the weapons arsenals, worrying that with the production of every additional nuclear missile, their use becomes more likely.

Republicans, however, have long argued that such production is necessary in order to deter countries like Russian from ever putting their arsenals to actual use.

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