Taylor University president resigns after Pence appearance

Remember when securing the Vice President to speak at a commencement would have been considered a coup?

Those days have clearly passed with the announcement of the resignation of Taylor University President Paul Lowell Haines right after Vice President Mike Pence appeared at the university’s commencement. 

Controversial Appearance

These days, if one even gives the smallest impression of supporting or agreeing with the Trump administration, you are professionally doomed, especially in the educational world.

Haines has long been considered an exceptional higher-education administrator and legal mind. He has had a long and prestigious career. That all ended after Pence was secured as the commencement speaker for the Class of 2019.

Hundreds of students cried out in protest and liberal parents were up in arms that a member of the Trump administration human being allowed to speak to their precious babies.

While his resignation has not been directly tied to the Pence appearance, it is hard to think otherwise. Haines had not so much as hinted that he was even thinking about retiring, so what other conclusion is there to draw?

Going Out with Grace

Even though it is very likely Haines’ resignation was forced, he did not show any signs of animosity on his way out the door.

Haines released a letter that emanated class throughout.

He thanked the local community for allowing him to be a part of it as well as pointing to the progress the University itself had made during his tenure as its president.

During Haines time in office, the school was rated #2 once and #1 twice in the Midwest Region by U.S. News & World Report for America’s Best Colleges.

Additionally, the school received a stellar rating while undergoing its reaccreditation evaluation by the Higher Learning Commission.

As of yet, no new president has been appointed, but University officials stated Haines will be available to help the new president transition the school to the new administration.

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