University housing co-op bans ‘whites’ from common areas

A privately owned housing co-op near the campus of the University of California at Berkeley now has banned “whites” from “common areas” of the 30-room mansion that can house up to nearly 60 people.

The Daily Mail has confirmed that the co-op is known as the “Person of Color Theme House” and a new list of house rules explains many residents “moved here to be able to avoid white violence and presence, so respect their decision of avoidance if you bring white guests.”

The facility, while claiming to be “inclusive,” said “white guests are not allowed in common spaces.”

Images of the racist orders were posted on Reddit.

The rules, leaked onto social media, have triggered an outpouring of objections to the “racist” components they include.

The Mail reported, “One mixed-race Reddit user, who claimed to have lived at the house, said that their ‘presence as a light-skinned person was not received well.'”

The Mail reported others warned that house residents used derogatory terms for them, and one wrote of not being allowed “to let my dad enter the house because he’s white.”

The report explained the housing unit was set up as part of Berkeley’s Student Cooperative and the rules require residents should “avoid bringing parents/family members that express bigotry,” because, “Queer, black, and indigenous members should not have to avoid common spaces because of homophobic or racist parents, family members.”

School officials said they don’t run the co-op so they don’t comment.

The facility was set up in 2015 and is part of Berkeley’s program to bring affordable housing to students.

Janet Gilmore, a university official, told the house is “not campus operated,” meaning “it is not the role of the campus to comment.”

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